Transportation of cargo requiring compliance with the thermal storage

Holding Company “KAMA-TRUCKS” Ltd. is one of the largest companies in Russia, transporting cargoes by rail, road, sea and multimodal way  in Russia, CIS countries and all over the world.

For the benefit of our Clients we can always suggest services on organisation of container transportation, transportation of cargoes under customs supervision, large and heavy cargoes, driblets, cargoes requiring compliance with the thermal storage, and also warehousing, insurance, protection and escorting of cargoes.

For  transportation we use shade-sheds and metal cars with cargo space from 82 to 120 m ³, vehicles equipped in accordance with ADR for the transportation of dangerous goods , also refrigerator, light-duty vehicles and special trailers for the transportation of oversized and heavy cargo.

Vast distances and a variety of local features in the regions make our experience invaluable in the emergency transportation of exclusive goods in Russia and the CIS. For example, we regularly deliver goods that require strict temperature control in all regions of the country. Among them are remote areas and places that are not marked on all maps.